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Capital gains taxes are the heart of the IRS Rule 2023-2 changes. Individuals pay taxes on the difference between an asset's purchase price and a higher sell price as that asset's value grows over time. When creating or updating an estate plan, you must consider the new IRS rule.
Estate planning strategies to avoid probate for Georgia and South Carolina estates
The process averages six to nine months to complete. However, it may take up to two years or more for some complex estates, tying up the assets that your family may need immediately.
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This article discusses the need for protection as we age, what guardianship is and how powers of attorney (POAs) are alternative estate planning strategies that give you more control.
An extended family learning about Estate Planning Strategies to Protect Minor Children
Ensure your children's well-being with estate planning for young families. Learn about guardianship, trusts, and the importance of proactive preparation.
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Often clients are anxious to make annual gifts with the mistaken belief that their heirs will pay a tax at their death.
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Learn from a teen's loss of a $250K inheritance and discover how inheritance trusts can protect and guide your family's future financial decisions.
Living trusts avoid the costs and time associated with the probate process. They’re also private documents, unlike wills filed with courts. They can be more easily amended as circumstances change.
Appointing a guardian for minor children in Atlanta
This article emphasizes the importance of not just appointing, but also connecting a child with their potential guardians, ensuring they're cared for by trusted family or friends.
Digital assets in estate planning
Women live longer than men and generally make less money. This affects how they should prepare for retirement.

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