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The Atlanta, Georgia Estate Planning Blog is your go-to source for comprehensive guidance on managing your estate and planning for your future in Georgia. From wills and trusts to healthcare directives and estate taxes, this blog offers valuable insights and practical tips. Follow for expert advice and up-to-date news on estate planning trends and legal developments.

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Digital assets in estate planning
Digital assets are changing how individuals and families approach estate planning strategies, including wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. This blog introduces digital assets, what they are, strategies for administration and distribution, and considerations for Atlanta residents, incorporating them into estate planning.
An Atlanta couple discussing how to take advantage of current exemptions for gift and estate taxes
Plan your asset transfers and tax-free gifting before December 31, 2025, to take advantage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act's higher exemption amounts. Most of the TCJA's tax-related provisions will revert to the provisions in place before the TCJA was enacted.
A clipboard with medical doc and green stethoscope shaped in a heart for a blog on advance health directives.
Advance directives enable you to legally document healthcare and end-of-life preferences, ensuring that your treatment aligns with your values and wishes, even when you can't speak for yourself.
The story of musician and co-founder of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, and the need for his family to file for conservatorship is a reminder of the importance of early estate planning.
Estate planning for singles: make a will, draft a durable power-of-attorney, name an attorney-in-fact, and a health care proxy.
Use tax season to review income and expenses from 2023 and set new financial goals for 2024 to maximize opportunities.
An executor participates in the probate process and manages assets during it. This individual has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the estate. This is the highest duty owed under the law.
Discover why updating your estate plan is crucial for securing your legacy. Don't wait for a life event to make necessary changes.
A marital trust is a complex estate planning tool that should be crafted carefully. Because of its tax benefits, you should work closely with an experienced estate planning attorney to establish the marital trust properly.

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