Call or email our office immediately. We take a three-step approach to solving your tax problems once and for all. First, we will stop the bleeding and conduct a detailed investigation to determine whether you even owe the taxes being demanded. Next, we will then work out a solution to your tax issues and implement that solution. This includes negotiating the best possible resolution with the IRS or the state tax authority. Third, and finally, we will help you have tax freedom and remain tax compliant.
First, we are tax lawyers and litigators. We are trained to be aggressive legal advocates. This includes advocating on your behalf with the IRS. Our fees are comparable, if not less, than with what other non-lawyer tax professionals charge for similar services. Additionally, we can represent you not only before the IRS, but also in the U.S. Tax Court, U.S. District Courts for the Northern and Middle Districts of Georgia, and the District of South Carolina. We also can represent tax payers in all 50 states, unlike many other tax professionals. Finally, because we are attorneys, you have the unique protection of the attorney-client privilege which protects all confidential communications with us. CPAs and Enrolled Agents do not have this protection when dealing with Federal taxing authorities - only attorneys have this privilege. The attorney-client extends to the CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and other tax professionals who work with us under our law firm umbrella. You can be secure that your discussions with us are and will remain confidential.
Every case is unique and we evaluate every option available to you for both the short-term and the long-term. Your options may include an Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement, being placed in currently not collectible status, filing an Administrative Due Process appeal, filing a Petition in U.S. Tax Court or the U.S. District Court, and possibly bankruptcy. Our first goal will be to determine whether you even owe the tax and to stop any tax levies.
Call or email our office immediately. Typically, we are able to have most wage garnishments released within 24 hours depending upon your circumstances. Our goal always is to stop all garnishments and levies while we negotiate the best resolution to your particular tax problem.
The IRS can place a lien on property you own both now and in the future. This lien is used by the government to protect its interest and make sure your back taxes are paid. The lien can be on your home, your personal and business bank checking accounts, savings accounts, and investment accounts. You must contact us immediately so we can make every effort to have the lien released or withdrawn.
A lien is used by the government to protect its interest in getting paid for your back taxes. Often, we can have the lien released or withdrawn if you contact us quickly. A levy, on the other hand, is the government actually taking or “seizing” your personal or business assets. This includes personal and business bank accounts, investment accounts, and even your real and personal property. We can help you resolve these issues.
Absolutely. We prepare back tax returns you may have so that you will become tax compliant and be eligible for the various tax solutions we can help you achieve. We have tax preparers and CPAs who work with us to make you tax complaint. We also will prepare future tax returns in many cases to help you remain tax compliant and enjoy tax freedom in the future.
Absolutely. Late or delinquent business payroll taxes (also referred to as “trust fund recovery” problems) are a common tax problem for employers. The IRS is very aggressive trying to collect back payroll taxes. We can help you solve these problems and move forward to tax freedom.
The IRS is trying to collect money. This is a civil law collection problem, not criminal law problem. Criminal tax investigations do occur and could result in prison. If you suspect you have a criminal tax problem, contact legal counsel immediately.
Generally speaking, these “Tax Relief” or “Tax Resolution” companies often make false promises they can solve every tax problem you have, settle your tax debt for “pennies on the dollar,” or “stop levies and wage garnishments.” Many of these companies often pull a “bait and switch” on the unsuspecting taxpayer by charging an initial fee for something such as an offer in compromise, only to have the IRS reject the offer in compromise (the acceptance rate for an offer in compromise is extremely low, mostly because of some national tax firms not being qualified to perform this vital service). The national company then charges greater fees for more services that should have been performed instead of an offer in compromise. Several of these national companies were forced to close by state Attorney Generals or the U.S Department of Justice, only to open again under a new name a few months later. Also, many of these national tax relief firms never bother to determine if you even owe the tax claimed by the IRS. Your best (and most affordable) option is to hire a tax attorney or CPA to help you with your tax problem. In our office, your case will be handled personally by a licensed tax attorney with the help of a licensed CPA and often an Enrolled Agent. We do not make promises and, after investigating your tax problem, will give you a unique roadmap to resolve your tax problem and get you to tax freedom.